Training Significantly Reduces Rework “The results achieved could not have been accomplished in the time frame without the involvement of NVIE. The engagement process was swift and the facilitators were flexible in their approach. Significant effort was put into the enabling the process changes to take hold and deliver the results that we sought.” –… Read More

Company Develops Keys Production Supervisors “The unique design and flexibility of this on-site Supervisor Development Project has been very cost effective without requiring travel off site or much time away from work areas.” – Mike Enos, Controller, American AVK Company The Company: American AVK is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high quality gate valves, fire… Read More

Gaming Producer Scores Energy Savings “I learned so much in the FOCUS course. The money that we spend on electricity is quite substantial. When I learned that the lion’s share of a building’s electricity usage comes from lighting, it was pretty clear that there were savings to be found here. I would wholeheartedly recommend this class.” – Mr. Duke… Read More

VSR Industries Works with NVIE to Transform Their Manufacturing Process Increase Productivity 33% and Avoid $200,000 in Costs The manufacturing workplace is a puzzle. Assemble the pieces together correctly and you get supercharged productivity, a synched-up workflow, and consistent quality. Put the puzzle pieces in the wrong places and no matter how hard you work,… Read More

Throughput Improvement at Vitamix’s Lean DC “Until we attended the Lean 101 training provided by NVIE, we really had no knowledge of the Lean culture. Additionally, our NVIE Project Manager has been a valuable asset in our Lean journey. Her knowledge and experience with Lean and her ability to facilitate kaizen events on-site was very… Read More

Training Puts Wind in Company’s Sales “With the stellar training coordination of NVIE, North Sails Minden has reduced waste by nearly eliminating defects which resulted in higher throughput. The lean journey is simple with NVIE by your side.” – James Hardiman, Operations-Production Manager, North Sails The Company: North Sails has become the world leader in sail… Read More