Nevada manufacturers have received help from NVIE in the areas of:


Nevada Industry Excellence conducts comprehensive industrial energy assessments for companies and industries throughout Nevada, with resultant energy efficiency recommendations that generate huge savings for companies and our environment. Nevada Industry Excellence has partners such as NV Energy who occasionally offer grants to help defray some of the costs of these training, assessment and implementation activities.

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Products with high LEED scores are instantly attractive to designers and architects – but getting the word out to the right demographics can be challenging. NVIE works with businesses to quantify the LEED certification benefits of their products, then connect them with potential buyers through proven marketing and advertising tactics.

Reduce expenses and improve your bottom line with our proven program!

ISO 50001 Certification Assistance

ISO 50001 provides organizations with an internationally recognized framework for efficiently managing and improving their energy performance. The standard addresses the following:

  • Energy use and consumption.
  • Measurement, documentation, and reporting of energy use and consumption.
  • Design and procurement practices for energy-using equipment, systems, and processes.
  • All variables affecting energy performance that can be monitored and influenced by the organization.
  • Design and procurement practices for energy-using equipment, systems, and processes.

ISO 14001 Certificate Assistance

  • Provide plant-wide system focused on maintaining environmental performance, regulatory compliance and waste reduction.
  • Reduce environmental costs and risks.
  • Provide independent verification.
  • Promote green manufacturing awareness.
  • Meet requirements for the ISO 14001 International Standard.

Energy Efficiency Services

Energy costs may be one of your largest business expenses. If so, focusing on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is one of the best ways to improve your physical business environment, lower your energy costs and increase your bottom line. Improvements in energy efficiency can translate into improved cash flow, which in turn can be used to fuel further business growth. If a business considers energy savings on a cost per revenue dollar or cost of goods sold basis, then it becomes clear that the importance of looking into incentives and savings regardless of the sustainability benefits is good business. With that in mind, NVIE will assist you by providing guidance and support in the areas of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and LEED certification. We’ll also assist you in obtaining Nevada’s green building tax abatement for a new or existing building which meets the green building standards.

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