r&d tax credits


You might be surprised to learn that your small or medium sized organization may qualify for the Research & Development (R&D) tax credit.
r&d tax credits

Another surprise: it can be implemented and sustained with a minimum investment of time and effort on your part by partnering with NVIE.

NVIE’s expert resources specialize in providing the most robust and defensible application of federal and state research and development (R & D) tax credit laws, identified qualifying activities and costs. 

Let NVIE’s engineering and tax consultants discover and document a tax credit methodology for your organization while you focus on your day-to-day operation.
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  • Increased Cash Flow and ROI.
  • Custom system created to document credit becomes your IP and Company asset.
  • Lowers tax liability below AMT.
  • Startups can use credit to offset FICA (payroll taxes).
  • Cost reduction for NVIE continuous improvement and other process improvement projects by off-setting with tax credits.

Qualifying Activities:
  • Creation and improvement of product:
    • Conceptualization, testing, validation, prototyping, securing IP.
  • Creation, improvement, and / or modification of software for sale, service, product, or process. Includes websites.
  • Creation and improvement of product or process often qualifies.
    • Creation or improvement of tools, mold, jigs, fixtures, etc. for product or process.
    • Manufacturing planning and engineering.
    • Lean, Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen, etc.
Our success is your success our resources offer success-based fees that hold them accountable for their results.
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