sierra nevada corporation

Lean Practices Increase Employee Engagement at Sierra Nevada Corporation   The Lean 101 training provided by NVIE helped SNC change its mindset on production. Training has already dramatically reduced rework and waste, lowered residual inventory and helped drive design changes as a result of taking quick action on the line when problems are found. -Jay… Read More

Sable Systems International

Sable Systems International designs and manufactures precision metabolic measurement instruments used worldwide by research scientists. The ExporTech program is Sable Systems’ choice for new market development and staff training to support their growing international sales. The Client: Sable Systems International designs and manufactures leading-edge gas, metabolic and behavioral measurement systems for calorimetry, respirometry, metabolic/behavioral phenotyping,… Read More

PR Diamond

PR Diamond Drill Benefits From NVIE’s ExporTech™ Program.     PR Diamond Drill increased exports and added staff as a direct result of knowledge gained and business connections made at NVIE’s ExporTech™ program. The Client: PR Diamond Products, Inc. is a 34-year-old diamond tool supply company headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada and proudly manufactures a… Read More

Shelby American Logo

SHELBY AMERICAN DRAMATICALLY REDUCES THEIR ENERGY CONSUMPTION: GENERATES AN ENERGY CREDIT AND A TAX BREAK! The name Carroll Shelby is well known in the world of performance automobiles. The Shelby Cobra is an iconic vehicle many of us dream of owning…and they’re being manufactured today in the deserts of Nevada! The Company: Shelby American, Inc.… Read More

Continuum Packing Solutions

NVIE’s resources and depth of industry knowledge provide needed and timely Certifications to maintain on time scheduling, production, and major new customer of NVIE client. “We are extremely appreciative of Nevada Industry Excellence’s depth of resources and experienced Project Managers. NVIE has the ability and resources to provide so much support to any manufacturing business… Read More

K2 Energy

K2 Energy Solutions Inc. Sparks up with Lean5S “NVIE’s training in lean manufacturing provides great assistance in identifying growth and profitability opportunities within K2 Energy manufacturing environment.” -Robert Horito, CFO K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. The Company: K2 Energy Solutions Inc. is a leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries that are used in… Read More