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Bureau Veritas Minerals Reduced Turn-Around Time through 5S “In late 2014, I made contact with NVIE. Our NVIE site project manager worked with myself and my lab manager to develop a 5s implementation approach that would suit the needs of our laboratory. Decisions were made on timing, how much time, how many employees to affect… Read More

nevada industry excellence success story

Absurd Marinade – a Contract Manufacturing Success “I sought NVIE to assist in putting the pieces of my start-up together. Their representative was our teacher, mentor, business advisor, and more as I began contacting third party production providers. Without NVIE and their assistance, A&S Industries, LLC and its initial product line of Absurd Marinade would… Read More

nevada industry excellence success stories

Digital Solid State Propulsion Inc. Expands Their Customer Base with ISO 9001 “I want to express my gratitude and thanks to Nevada Industry Excellence for helping us through the ISO 9000 process. Nevada Industry Excellence was able to make this process very straightforward. They hired the right consultant that fit our needs best; they reduced… Read More


MicroMetl Cellularizes Manufacturing, Reduces Costs and Preserves Jobs with Nevada Industry Excellence Guidance “We have seen that culture change.It used to be maybe an idea would get tossed out and people would say “we have done it this way for 15 or 20 years, why should we change?” Now our workers have set up lean… Read More

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Advanced Quality Training Saves Valuable Time, Trouble and Money “We are overly satisfied with the quality of training and consultation from the resource provided by NVIE. The professionalism, experience, quality level and services provided by the resource are invaluable to our quality program. She was also able to provide information on food safety regulations coming down… Read More


Training Significantly Reduces Rework “The results achieved could not have been accomplished in the time frame without the involvement of NVIE. The engagement process was swift and the facilitators were flexible in their approach. Significant effort was put into the enabling the process changes to take hold and deliver the results that we sought.” –… Read More